Tech at Night: Google back on the Net Neutrality train. Anonymous declares war on Israel.

Tech at Night

Hey everyone. Sorry for not doing this Friday night. I was a bit out of it. So, we’re doing this Saturday night.

Some people just don’t learn, though. Google is still defending Net Neutrality incredibly enough. So are Facebook and Netflix, by the way (shameless plug for Amazon Prime streaming alternative).


Of course, there’s a problem here: Google’s PAC splits evenly D/R in donations, but The people of Google lean so far left they gave $737k to Obama, versus $31k to Romney. Think about that. Mo wonder they’re still trying to feed a beast of regulation that may try to break it up.

If anything does in Bay area innovators, it’ll be their slavish devotion to big-government Democrats.

Looks like the Congress is busy in the lame duck setting up for the next session, since nothing major changed in the elections. The outgoing Republican Study Committee has made an important statement on copyright, one that agrees greatly with my own views on it at least. Naturally for that reason I like it. They recognize that copyright is good, important, and Constitutional, but must also be tuned not to maximize copyright. Copyright can go too far, when it goes beyond the Constitutional mandate of encouraging works.

Of course, copyright can go not far enough, as well, such as in the Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA), now opposed by Marsha Blackburn and CAGW. Pandora and other Internet streamers want to get a special provision of law giving them government-mandates lower rates they must pay copyright holders. It’s absurd and should not pass, at all.

Regular readers may remember in the past I’ve been cautious about IRFA, not taking a clear stand. It’s because I wasn’t sure if there weren’t existing regulations that this was simplifying. It’s not the case. This is just people wanting cheaper stuff because it’s the Internets. No sale.


Headline of the week so far: Democrats troubled by Verizon’s free speech argument in net-neutrality case. Yeah, that’s about it, isn’t it? Rights-based arguments trouble those trying to expand the power of the state.

Meanwhile, something I called early: FCC dancing according to the strings of Soros-funded fringe groups, now planning to dictate to the states what rates phones in prisons can charge.

Regulation is a mess right now, so it’s sad (but predictable) that Senate Democrats have defeated Internet regulatory reform. The Internet is good for people, and we must protect it from government.

Well, in the meantime, Congressional oversight will continue in the House.

We’ll close with reports that Anonymous has declared war on Israel. Ooooooh boy. Um. Guys? You say “We do not forget.” They say “Never again.” Time to learn not to sit with your back to a door, kiddies.



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