Tech at Night: New Zealand corruption; the IP revolution is coming

Tech at Night

Rough week, huh? Me too. I’ll make this quick, since the overriding story here is we’re going to have a rough four years fighting Obama regulators.


Though we’re lucky out of touch Susan Crawford isn’t on FCC.

We begin to see the full scope of the corrupt deal going on in New Zealand: Seems that the (German) Kim Dotcom bought escape from the authorities by promising free Intertubes for New Zealanders, even as he plans a new copyright infringement service.

And some FCC: FCC continues to overlap other regulators by going beyond simple communications regulations to dealing with ordinary ‘consumer’ issues. We ought to fix this redundancy problem of FTC, FCC, and others all regulating the same industry.

Here’s some big news though: Remember Ajit Pai coming to RedState and talking about the need for an IP revolution? AT&T is going for it. But here’s the interesting thing: AT&T is likely, in the long run, looking for regulators to help by getting out of the way, and in fact, to encourage it possibly by letting innovators get away from regulations that are now obsolete in a full voice over IP era. This is about finally replacing the ancient phone system we’ve got, and using new, more robust technology. So I’m [Edit: erm, I meant NOT here] confident regulators (particularly Obama regulators) will allow an innovation that makes their powers obsolete and in need of reduction, are you?


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