Tech at Night: The danger of the Consent Decree era; Prepare for whining from the anti-copyright anarchists

Tech at Night

Haven’t heard about the Cybersecurity Executive Order in a while. Maybe they’re getting talked out of it at the Obama White House? Or maybe they’re hoping to sneak it in just before Romney is inaugurated?


Meanwhile, FTC locks down yet another firm under consent decree, in this case Regulating the world beyond statutory authority through the back door. That’s what the consent decree era means.

FTC also jumps the gun on new technology, in this case facial recognition. What could go wrong?

Prepare for anarchist butthurt: ISPs are fighting back against copyright infringement loading their networks, by launching the Copyright Alert System. Notice: this is going after distributors of infringing materials, through the use of services like BitTorrent. There’s no reason that ISPs should have to put up with BitTorrent-using infringers putting a heavy burden on them with illegitimate traffic.

Dish is buying some spectrum from Cablevision. Interesting. And good for competition when spectrum is getting allocated to people who want to use it to provide services to the public.


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