Tech at Night: FTC slays the Myspace Beast; Obama planning rule by decree on Cybersecurity

Tech at Night

It is done! Privacy is saved in America? The huge looming threat of Myspace has been defeated by FTC! Don’t you feel so much safer now that the dynamic, active regulators of the Obama administration have clamped down on a competitor of Facebook?


Shame on me. Remember when I went with the claim that Anonymous took down GoDaddy? Well, It may have been an opportunistic claim.

Drones plus facial recognition: pretty neat tech, but also buzzword bingo for “privacy advocates” of some sort. Le Yawn.

Remember when they said Dan Coats was good enough a Senator? Well, he’s left of nearly every Republican in the Senate, joining with Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins, and of course Barack Obama backing the Cybersecurity Act. Ridiculous.

Apparently the President is seriously planning to rule by decree on Cybersecurity though, as even Ron Wyden is starting to talk about it, and he’s actually been a sensible moderate Democrat on these issues.

There’s only one party that’s serious about technology, and about supporting better, more widespread Internet access of the high-speed variety. That’s the Republican party, working on spectrum.


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