Tech at Night: Same old, same old. Obama administration run amok.

Tech at Night

I know, it’s terrible, but after missing Friday due to the RedState upgrade, I feel behind tonight and so am just going to have to speed through some of this tonight.


Ah, the ARRA, aka the Porkulus. Picking Internet winners and losers in Colorado, and probably nationwide in many “little” stories the national media chooses not to pick up.

That, combined with the final, eventual word that the FCC is looking at a national Internet tax, is why we must all be aware, and make the country aware, that a vote for Barack Obama, and only a vote for the President, is a vote for greater government and less liberty online.

But, those aren’t the only bad things the administration and its FCC are up to. Even before the election they’re starting to suspend deregulation, reminiscent of the last minute push to suspend key elements of welfare reform. In fact Larry Downes says they’ve scored a hat trick of errors on internet regulation.

I think Google’s worried, and maybe learning the lessons from AT&T that Verizon apparently did, by trying to make nice with reporters, Republicans, and regulators. How genuine and sustained these efforts are, only time will tell.

Quick hits: Yeah, I don’t care if our government is spying on foreigners, I just don’t.


PATENT WARS: Samsung loses big to Apple. Some suspect the jury got dazzled by the trade dress issues, and so got tricked into interpreting patents broadly, but a win’s a win.

Click through agreements are kind of stupid, especially when they get pretentious. Frank J is right.

I’d be apathetic to California choosing to be less safe by restricting cops from watching what criminals are actively broadcasting, if I didn’t have family living there still.

According to Fox, it’s copyright infringement for Dish Network to offer hardware that lets your customers skip ads. Insane. I hope they lose big. This kind of irrational overreach can discredit copyright if allowed to stand.

Twitter sticks up for Occupy. One wonders if they’d stick up for a conservative.


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