Tech at Night: The First Amendment shouldn't prevent regulation of the Internet?

Tech at Night

Hey, digital libertarians? Hope you’re ready to move on from Barack Obama, His administration thinks the First Amendment is an obstacle to greater government on the Internet, and not something that must be respected or protected by the courts when it gets in the way. This of course turns the First Amendment on its head.


I guess in the Democrat parallel world Tim Wu and Barack Obama inhabit, the amendment says “Congress shall make no law… unless we really, really want to regulate, then it’s fine.”

They say Anonymous doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive. You know who else doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive? US Attorneys and UK Crown prosecutors. Lulzsec continues to find out that you can’t arrest an idea, but you can arrest criminals. Who turn out not to be legion but in fact small and finite in number.

You want evidence that Verizon/Comcast opponents are seeking advantages of their own? Look at how Verizon had to buy off T-Mobile with a spectrum deal to get the firm to drop opposition to Verizon’s other spectrum deals.


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