Tech at Night: Government, not Facebook, is the real privacy threat, FCC lunacy on Spectrum.

Tech at Night

Privacy? You want privacy in the digital age? Start by repealing campaign finance laws before you wag your socialist finger at the private sector.

Al Qaeda also denied 9/11 involvement at first, but we knew the truth. Also, how can Anonymous deny involvement in an attack when they claim to be unorganized? It’s these slipups that let us know the truth about them: they’re an organized online terror and crime group.


To paraphraze the fictionalized Wyatt Earp: “I see a Guy Fawkes mask, I kill the man wearing it.”

Remember when the radicals were unhappy about Net Neutrality, because the FCC didn’t go all the way and repeal key portions of the Telecommunications Act by regulatory fiat, by “reclassifying” the Internet as not being a data service anymore? Roseanne Barr and the Greens are being more open about it They want a state-run Internet, just like they have in China. In China they call it “harmonization.” In America they call it “opening.”

Mike Lee: See what you’ve done? Stop it. Defend private business, including Google, from Obama’s runaway regulators. The TEA party didn’t put you there to shore up the state.

So let me get this straight: We want to ban AT&T from getting new Spectrum. We want to ban Verizon from getting new spectrum. In fact, we want to regulate out of existence the entire secondary market for spectrum. then we want to mandate LTE? Insane. Obama must be defeated. These regulators, including FCC, are so out of control they can’t even see the law and the Constitution from their front doors.


Copyright is not a bad thing, which is what separates the ineffective left anti-SOPA advocates from the effective right ones. PROTECT IP was never going down in the Dem Senate. Only in the Republican House would it be defeated.

Yes, I know Zoe Lofgren is a Democrat but she’s in a tiny minority in her party. She, along with Ron Wyden in the Senate, has an inkling of what innovation is needed by industry. So she’s been decent on these issues.


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