Tech at Night: Split decision in Google vs Oracle, Marketplace Fairness, Net Neutrality, Anonymous attacks Justice?

Tech at Night

Quick hits night. Enjoy!

Google beats Oracle on the matter of patent infringement in the big Java/Android case. So the only question left is how the copyright matters will be resolved.


New York legislators want to censor the Internet? Come on guys, come on.

This isn’t tech-specific, but it’s relevant: We need regulation all around to be lessened from what we’re seeing under the power-hungry Obama administration.

Two more governors backing Marketplace Fairness Act. I hate that name, but an interstate compact to grapple with sales taxes is reasonable. add Robert Bentley of Alabama and Brian Sandoval of Nevada to the pile.

It’s the spectrum, stupid.

Remember when I said Net Neut was all about not having to pay for what you use? Yeah, I was right.

Chuck Grassley talking LightSquared again. I agree with the idea that the Obama administration looked mostly to be at fault for whatever shady was going on, but LightSquared had to cooperate. They should have demanded transparency.

Just like Net Neutrality opponents must demand transparency, even as the FCC does its best to stonewall the opposition while helping the George Soros radicals.


Of course, you know who’s demanding no support for Net Neut at all? Sprint’s owners, just like Verizon’s and AT&T’s. It’s natural. Net Neutrality is a bad deal for everyone involved.

Google completes the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. PATENT WARS just got that much more interesting.

Online anarchist terror group Anonymous attacks the DoJ. When you have to brag about the size of the data taken, I question how important it was. Web server logs perhaps?

Between Retransmission Consent and Incentive Auctions I’ve been pretty hard on broadcasters, but I support them against the latest FCC overreach, this time trying to stifle political speech in an election year.


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