Tech at Night: The left's war on spectrum.

Tech at Night

The FCC and the radicals are at war with the secondary spectrum market. Gigi Sohn even tried to make the point at the Less Government debate that license holders don’t own spectrum. That’s true. They own the licenses. That’s where property rights come in.


So it’s disappointing to see Democrats still piling on against Verizon even as the push begins to go after Dish. As an aside, do Koch-funded groups ever get called “public interest groups” the way Soros-funded groups do?

Marco Rubio does not want the UN regulating the Internet. Good on him.

Part of a case for strong copyright. I’m not sure I agree with it, as I disagree with much of the copyright extension we’ve seen from the 80s on, but I see no harm in linking to it for the curious. It at least tries to go back to the Constitution, which is better than what many do.

Slow news day. Have a nice weekend.


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