Tech at Night: FCC costs us jobs, Cybersecurity threats real and imaginary, FISMA in the House

Tech at Night

Ah, the FCC. If The FCC wanted to do incentive auctions to free up spectrum for wireless Internet, they could just do it. They wouldn’t need to set up a task force to talk about the National Broad band Plan to consider it, while instead getting involved in unrelated things like making its own security rules. We need FCC reform. Just say yes to Coase.


Remember when they said that an AT&T/T-Mobile merger would cost us jobs, as only after the merger would there be layoffs? Oops, the FCC and Holder DOJ cost us jobs, instead.

Of course, we also need Senate reform, better known as electing Republicans.

PATENT WARS: I’ve lost count of how many volleys have gone on in The Samsung/Apple patent war, but on it goes. Facebook is ready to fight, too, Buying 750 patents from IBM to prepare to fight against Yahoo.

Speaking of Facebook, it’s absurd to think that we’d bring government into regulating Facebook passwords. Your Facebook account and your employer are none of my concern. Handle it yourself. Or let Facebook handle it by setting its own terms and conditions of use. Not my problem. Not the people’s problem.

There are reasons to pass a good bill that enhances voluntary information sharing about cybersecurity threats. There is no reason to expand government, or to claim that we’re all going to die if we don’t pass a bill to grow government right now.

That said. If you want to improve security, start with government itself. An open FISMA reform process is one way to accomplish that.


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