Tech at Night: Sometimes I wonder if we should just abolish the FCC

Tech at Night

I know, I know. The way that broadcasts travel across state lines, it’s important that some sort of national control step in, because the states can’t do it. But the way the Obama FCC operates, sometimes I wonder if it’s worth all the trouble.


Instead of working to ensure we have the spectrum we need allocated to the purposes we want, The Obama FCC constantly works as a roadblock, earlier against AT&T, and now against Verizon.

This same FCC is also, with apparently no objection from the President, actively and openly stonewalling Chuck Grassley and the Senate in attempts at applying reasonable oversight to the committee.

The FCC has too many secrets and tries to make too many decisions over the private sector. We have to fix this.

Even under new ownership, the Pirate Bay is in trouble. And apparently the site is allying itself with Wikileaks. You see where the lines are drawn. Anti-copyright, Pirate Party, and all of that are parts of the greater anarchist movement. These are not our friends.

So when in the US, MPAA comes after another infringer haven, Hotfile,, I’m not complaining.

Of course government is a double edged sword. Book copyright holders are at risk of government action for colluding to harm Amazon and its customers for the gain of themselves and of Apple.


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