Tech at Night: We need Government Neutrality, not taking sides against AT&T, Facebook, Amazon; Grassley fights on for FCC transparency

Tech at Night

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Government Neutrality? Imagine if the government didn’t take sides: not favoring one industry over another as with SOPA, or favoring one firm over another as with AT&T.


Because AT&T really is getting an unfair deal. The FCC could have just let the firm drop its application like it intended to do but no, it also gratuitously put out a report against AT&T. It’s a show trial: the verdict was decided in advance.

Oddly enough, Facebook is getting ignored by the radicals but is still getting targeted for abuse by the FTC even though it’s already been shown that laws don’t fix stupid. I guess the Obama administration is already too well trained in meddling.

Google realizes they’re getting the short end of the stick on SOPA. Hopefully they’ll realize regulation and expanded government online isn’t the way to go next time. Firms shouldn’t have to advertise to avoid being picked on by government, not in a free country.

Well, maybe in the worst case spectrum reform will help AT&T, as Republicans blow off Democrats who want to stall as the Republicans push their spectrum Jobs bill to show up the President while doing good.

Because Spectrum Matters.


Given the FCC’s shameful behavior under this President, I still can’t blame Chuck Grassley for going nuclear on LightSquared, threatening to block two FCC appointees until the administration gives some transparency.

National Internet Sales Tax talk still hasn’t gone away, as former RGA head Governor Haley Barbour comes out for it. The best thing I can say about these plans is that they’re Constitutional, but my gut says that we’re due for a new tax, folks. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I don’t see much opposition to this stuff springing up. Don’t look for big business to back us up on this. Most of them are for it, and the Internet guys watched Amazon get ganged up on (just like Facebook, AT&T, etc.) and aren’t going to stick their necks out.



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