Tech at Night: AT&T, T-Mobile competition roundup, Verizon sues the FCC over Net Neutrality for keeps this time [Fixed]

Tech at Night

So, Net Neutrality has been published. Now nothing can stop Verizon’s lawsuit over the illegal power grab. Remember: the FCC has tried this before, when they went after Comcast. They lost. It’s not unreasonable to expect them to lose again.


Meanwhile, federalism continues to be trashed as Puerto Rico jumps into the game. They don’t want to pay taxes but they want to block our free market. Lovely. If only AT&T could get territories dismissed even as it tries to dismiss the anti-competitive lawsuits of its competitors.

And don’t just trust me that the AT&T/T-Mobile deal is good for competition. They think so in rural Kansas, too.

Or how about Google, friend of the left? Google claims the wireless ecosystem is highly competitive, in its bid to do some vertical integration with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Google is beginning to realize because of that deal, and because of the risk of a Republican sweep of the Congress and the White House next year, that the firm needs to become more friendly to the free market.


It’s Friday, I’m tired, so let’s just finish with quick hits:

LightSquared is getting tough with the GPS makers, continuing to insist it is they who played fast and loose with the standards, to LightSquared’s detriment.

ACLU stops even pretending to back the little guy, trying to sic big government against a little company called Facebook.

Banks want autodialing of mobile phones legalized, which I’m not sure I support, but if it happened it’d be a huge deal for political polling.


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