Tech at Night: George Soros wants your Internet, and the Democrats are peddling online censorship, and Ryan Giggs is still an adulterer

Tech at Night

Have you ever noticed that the Soros-funded left never refers to Sprint Nextel by the firm’s full name? They only talk about Sprint. You know why? If they say Sprint Nextel, it’ll remind everyone that when #3 Sprint and #4 Nextel merged, wireless competition, prices, and service all improved. If you remember that fact, they think you might make the “wrong” predictions about #2 AT&T and #4 T-Mobile merging, creating a better threat to Verizon, improving competition, service, and prices.


But the whole Sprint/George Soros Unholy Alliance is all about deception. Soros-funded groups like Public Knowledge know nothing else. So says Mike Wendy: “they do great damage to the integrity of the review process, which ultimately harms the American consumer.” And so says Seton Motley: “The “public interest” is best served by what the public is interested in. And the public – the consumers, the people – aren’t at all interested in what Free Press, Public Knowledge and Media Access Project have to offer.”

They’re both right on the money. Their interests are not those of the public. they want to socialize the mass media in America. They call it media reform. Remember “health care reform?” Yeah.

If only far left attempts to run the FCC were the only problem we face right now in DC. The fight to pass PROTECT IP, the bill that would impose Internet censorship blacklists on all Americans, continues to advance. But the legislators involved clearly have something to hide themselves. Why else would the committee vote in secret to pass it? And why is AFL-CIO backing it? House Republicans have to pledge to kill this bill. It’s important. Activists need to get loud to ensure that happens, too.

Moving on, it looks like Apple’s glare at Lodsys worked. Lodsys is reportedly going after Android developers now. Can Google protect its developers the way Apple operated?

The FCC is still stalling on Net Neutrality. It was five months ago they voted to pass the Net Neutrality order, but there’s still no sign of it in the Federal Register. Why are they stalling? To keep from losing in court again when Verizon sues, like last time when Comcast sued and won? Marsha Blackburn is fortunately on the case.


Twitter will not fight to protect anyone that British soccer star Ryan Giggs, aka CTB, asks about in his quest to sue anyone who mentions that, oh, he had an affair, betraying his wife and children, then paid for a “superinjunction” to try to keep it a secret and deceive everyone. Oops, did I say his name again? Curse that pesky First Amendment we have in America.

Tech Liberation Front says that “cloud” data needs privacy protection, which I have to disagree with. If you want something kept private, you don’t give it to someone else to put online. You keep it OFFLINE. Duh.



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