Tech at Night: The world waits

Tech at Night

Good night/morning. Yes, the world now waits on the FCC to see whether it will act to claim broad, unprecedented regulatory powers over the Internet, the pricing of services on it, as well as the content on it. Free Press is happy, of course, because that organization’s long-term goal is the total state control of all mass media.


They recognize the FCC’s so-called Net Neutrality plans for what they are. The rest of us must recognize the same, and get loud against the FCC to make others see, as well. And then we must get Republicans in the House fired up to make refudiating the FCC’s plans a top priority come January.

One more note: Germans are not happy with Google Street View, as so many Germans are taking advantage of Google’s offer to blur them, that Google’s own offices in Munich are blurred thanks to a neighbor jumping on the offer.

Europeans are more sensitive about online privacy than we are, and maybe they’re right about it. About the privacy at least, if not their apparent desire to rely on massive state action to protect it, instead of basic common sense.


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