Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Google, For The Children

Tech at Night

Good evening. Through the magic of Claritin, my favorite drug, I’m able to bring you tonight’s edition. On the Net Neutrality front, the progressive left is getting delusional. They’re pretending that it matters what their members of Congress think when their President has done not one thing to stop his FCC from going off on its own to break the law, defy the courts, and go ahead with Title II Reclassification. This is not Sparta. This is madness.


Of course, the online petition? Meaningless of course except as a trap to build mailing lists. And it’s not me who says that, it’s Clay Johnson who says that, founder of Blue State Digital and the New Media Director of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s petition is nonsense upon stilts.

Yeah I’m forced to conclude that the radical Net Neutrality fringe is going insane. Just look at Free Press. Even the FCC is making fun of them for “handing out waffles and making posters.”

Meanwhile there’s a lot of really bad coverage of the issue out there. David Lumb at SCPR links to me, which is great, except that his coverage of the issue is high on racism and low on context. Any article about Net Neutrality that doesn’t mention that the FCC plans to treat ISPs like phone companies, that doesn’t mention how the FCC plans to go against the bipartisan Telecommunications Act to do so, and how the FCC’s plans would give it the authority to regulate content (that is, free speech) online is a biased, incomplete article. Nevermind the fact that he doesn’t even mention I was all for the Waxman bill that would have shut down the FCC on this issue.


And don’t think they won’t institute speech codes online For The Children. They already plan them in public schools.

And we’ll close off with a pair of notes about Google, which has still taken no action against Daily Kos for its planned, concerted manipulation of the Google search rankings, a clear demonstration of partisan political bias on the part of that firm. Kay Bailey Hutchison? Fair game. Daily Kos? Untouchable. Google is the opponent of the right, and the ally of the most hateful, extreme leftist Democrats around.

Google raises money for Democrats, too? And what do you know? Even as Net Neutrality continues to be fought out at the FCC, The FTC has suddenly dropped its investigation of the Street View spy program getting Google in hot water in a number of other countries whose Presidents Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, didn’t advise.

Oh, and remember when Eric Schmidt insisted that anyone worried about Google Street View infringing on their privacy should just move? I dare him to face these women and tell them that personally, these women whose secret shelter protecting them from abusive husbands has been exposed by Google.


Google is out of control, actively seeking to destroy the privacy of anyone they can reach, all in the name of making more profits to put into the pockets of the most extreme Democrats around. It boggles my mind that so many Republicans and conservatives store so much confidential information on Google’s servers. These people are reckless when they’re not outright malicious. They can’t be trusted.


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