Tech at Night: Google, FCC, Net Neutrality

Tech at Night

Yes, we’re talking about Google again tonight. Of course they never did delist Daily Kos after the Chris Bowers manipulations, despite having gone after Kay Bailey Hutchison for breaking their rules. But we have more to ride them about:


They’re blocking pro-life ads again. These ads are running on local television in DC for Republican Missy Reilly Smith who is challenging Delegate Holmes Eleanor Norton, or Norton Eleanor Holmes, or whatever her name is. I mean really, she doesn’t even get a vote. Local television will run the ads, but Youtube will not. Interesting, eh?

And at this point I think Google CEO Eric Schmidt is attempting to destroy his reputation as a serious person. His new answer to people with privacy concerns about Google Street View? Move out of your home. Seriously, he thinks that Google should be respected for continuing to do what it does, but anyone who dislikes it should change his name and move to a different house. This person is reckless. He will destroy anyone he has to in order to line his pockets, and those of his preferred political candidates (including his good buddy Barack Obama).

It’s no wonder Google Street View is subjecting Google to criminal investigations in a number of countries. Eric Schmidt is out of control.

And to finish off with Google tonight we check in with video streaming veteran Mark Cuban who suggests that Netflix is in such a dominant position in terms of sheer bandwidth usage online that if Google TV tries to be another free service, then the for-pay Netflix may just completely dominate online video streaming. That’s a lot of market power, both for Google and for Netflix.


It’s also a lot of bandwidth that Google and Netflix are both using, which will be interesting to watch in terms of Net Neutrality and how ISPs must expand and charge their customers for all of this data flying around online.

And to finish off the night with some Net Neutrality: I have no new word on the state of any crucial legislation to slap down the FCC, not since Republicans blew our big chance to get it passed, so the action is back with the FCC, where Michael Copps (Free Press’s pet neo-Marxist commissioner) joins two other FCC commissioners to form a majority against any kind of respect for the courts, the law, and the Congress. Instead, this Obama FCC majority want to go ahead with Title II reclassification, which would put the Internet under the same kind of stifling, total regulation that telephone service suffers from.

And until we pass a law settling that once and for all, there’s not a thing we can do to stop the FCC on this, unfortunately, except yell and scream and hope we scare them off of it. Scary. Imagine if we’d joined with the Henry Waxman bill banning this trick?


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