Tech at Night: Net Neutrality, Google, free weights

Tech at Night

Good evening. I’ll level with you: I’m exhausted. All summer I got virtually no exercise because, as it turned out, I’ve developed asthma triggered by the air pollution that gets worse during the summer here in inland southern California. So I’m ramping back up my weight lifting, and as I adapt, it’s wearing me out. So tonight I’ll be brief.


The push continues for Republicans to listen to us and and join to pass legislation preventing the FCC from implementing devastating, systemic regulation of the Internet through the Title II reclassification power grab. Roll Call describes the troubles on this front with Congressional Republicans hesistant to touch Net Neutrality at all.

Honestly I’m glad we’ve pushed the debate to the point where Net Neutrality is so radioactive that no Republican wants to get anywhere near it, but we all must remember that the FCC remains under Barack Obama’s control, not ours, even if we win the election. Action must come sooner, not later, to ensure the FCC respects our need for an open Internet with free and active investment from private business.

And again, the right must remain mobilized on this issue not just against a hypothetical bad bill by Congressional Democrats, but also against the FCC. Seton Motley has a video on that urgent point. I promise I don’t link everything he writes. I’m being selective, but he really is just hammering this issue often and well.

I’ll close tonight with a laugh. When it came out that Google was minimizing its tax burden, reducing the money the firm “invests” in the Obama administration, there were gasps all around. If a firm led by Republicans did this, they’d be called crooks. But because they’re Democrats continuing to raise money with Barack Obama, they get a pass. Dodging as much tax burden as possible, pumping corporate money into politics, and offshoring what they can. It’s amazing how one little party difference makes all that less offensive in the press.


Hey, I love free trade, free markets, and lower taxes. I just wish Google would look out for the little guy who can’t afford creative accountants, and support conservatives who would give all of us lower taxes.

Have a good weekend.


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