Carly Fiorina blasts "Call me Senator" Boxer on television

Here we go. Just when I started to think she needs to kick things up a notch, Carly Fiorina has taken to the air against Babs Boxer statewide. The ad is called “Sir,” and introduces all Californians to Ma’am’s incredible arrogance:



As we all remember, she wasn’t bothering to call Brigadier General Michael Walsh by his title, no, she just called him “Sir,” but being called “Ma’am” was not good enough for her. No, she actually interrupted his testimony to her Senate Committee just to whine about that. That’s how bloated her ego has gotten after 18 years in the Senate plus 10 more in the House.

It’s time we sent her home and taught her some humility. Let’s get Carly Fiorina elected as California’s next Senator. She’ll work for America and for California, not to boost her own ego with a title.


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