House Republicans pile on against FCC Deem and Pass

I’ve hated to have to talk about out 72 House Democrats (and now John Dingell) are on the record against the FCC and its “Title II reclassification” power grab to deem that the Telecommunications Act 1996 no longer exists and so the FCC can do whatever it wants to ISPs, include control prices and regulate content.


Well now I don’t have to so much anymore. 171 House Republicans have joined up to oppose the FCC’s defiance of the courts and the Congress to ram through Net Neutrality. Comcast v. FCC was a clear and correct decision, the Republicans note. The Telecommunications Act was concrete. They must be obeyed.

Good Job, Joe Barton and the House Republicans.

Arithmetic note: 171 + 72 = 243, more than enough votes to defeat any Net Neutrality bill. We are the majority, not the neo-Marxists at Free Press or the self-seekers at Google.


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