Governors matter.

At RedState we’ve hammered for a long time the idea that your local politics matter. We also give plenty of attention to federal elections for the House, the Senate, and of course the President.


But governors matter, too. The next governor of South Carolina will affect us all. As will Georgia’s, Ohio’s, and Oregon’s. It doesn’t matter where you live. These Governors, as well as 26 others, are up for election this year and will have veto power over their state’s next Congressional districts.

It’s no good to win in 2010 if we have to give the House back in 2012 because the Democrats gerrymander our majority away. So let’s pay attention to these races.

I’ve compiled a table of just what Governor’s races this year matter to the House, and how important they are to us. My source for which Governors get to veto districts, how many seats they have now, and how many they are expected to have in 2012 is the National Council of State Legislatures, via the Minnesota Senate. My source for which seats are up for election in 2010 is Wikipedia.

So here it is: every state expected to have more than one House member in 2012, with a Governor up for election who will have veto power over those House districts.

State 2000 House Seats 2010 Projection
AL 7 7
AZ 8 9
AR 4 4
CA 53 53
CO 7 7
FL 25 26
GA 13 14
IL 19 18
IA 5 4
KS 4 4
ME 2 2
MD 8 8
MA 10 9
MI 15 14
MN 8 7
NE 3 3
NV 3 4
NH 2 2
NM 3 3
NY 29 28
OH 18 16
OK 5 5
OR 5 6
PA 19 18
RI 2 2
SC 6 7
TN 9 9
TX 32 36
UT 3 4
WI 8 8
Totals 335 337

There it is: the makeup of three fourths of the House from January 2013 to December 2022 will be influenced this November. Every single one of these Governor’s races demands national attention from conservative activists this year, if we want a level playing field in the coming decade.

One way we can win this fight is to take a good look at the Republican Governors Association. They’re the ones behind the Remember November video that had everyone talking. They’re fighting, and we can help.


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