Digital Activism: American Majority Action's Voter Fraud App

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Across the country states like Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Arizona have begun to report issues regarding possible voter fraud in their state. With claims of voter fraud continuing to come in, American Majority Action announced today it is launching the nation’s best mobile application to help identify, report and track suspected incidents of voter fraud and intimidation.  This free, cutting edge system will enable voters for the first time to take action to help defend their right to vote.


By capitalizing on this Country’s greatest resource, its citizens, American Majority Action plans to empower ordinary Americans with the tools to help protect our electoral system. We believe that this application using mobile technology will give voters the power to defend democracy and help address the problems that all too often cast doubt on the credibility of our elections.

With the eyes on the nation on the polls, the app, which is live today on iTunes, could be what some activist in some circles are calling a “game-changer.” Voters can download the free application at The platform is already available for iPhones, the Droid, and Blackberry (Blackberry app live in a few days). In addition, users can submit reports directly from the website and even track reports on an interactive map.

Americans deserve a free and fair electoral process and must have an avenue to properly address their concerns. Unfortunately, there are some who wish to corrupt the process as seen in Minnesota:

“Thirty-four more people will be charged with voter fraud in Hennepin County in the 2008 election, County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday, bringing the total cases of alleged abuse to 47 for that election year. Freeman’s office announced the decision a week after the county sheriff announced voting-related charges against seven people, most of whom are accused of registering to vote while ineligible…All of the alleged fraudulent voting occurred in Hennepin County, which had 665,000 ballots cast in 2008.”


American Majority Action wants voters to have the  ability, when confronted with a potential incident of voter fraud or intimidation, to be able to simply open the Voter Fraud application on their smart phones and submit a report using the “Report an Issue” button on the home screen. The application automatically opens the phone’s camera, providing the user with a quick and easy way to document the incident. Once the user is satisfied with any photographic evidence, they are prompted to fill out a brief report, providing important details and location of the possible incident.

Using the geo-tagging features available in today’s smart phones, the Voter Fraud application anonymously transmits the coordinates of each report to the website, making it easy to map areas of abuse in real-time across the country. The application will work with the website to overlay these reports on a nationwide map throughout Election Day. For the first time ever, elections officials will have the ability to track and respond to complaints as they occur. In addition, the website will house a web-based form so voters may submit reports from their desktops if they do not own a compatible mobile device.

Every election cycle, accusations of fraud are recorded, but if information is received after the election those votes have been counted, it may be too late. By working directly to submit “REAL-TIME” reports the app users have the power to effect real change and make it harder for groups like ACORN or those with partisan interests to manipulate our elections.


In recent years, in state after state, the basic integrity of the electoral system has been undermined by an organized effort to weaken the system. Efforts at reform have been met with ridicule and charges of racism, but the past two years have shown that simple citizen action can turn the tide. Technology has allowed citizens to enter a brave new world with regard to direct action, and this election cycle is only the beginning.

So go grab the Voter Fraud App for free today!


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