Liberal Columnist Suggests Paying ISIS Fighters off Rather Than Using Money on Bombs

President Trump authorized the military to use the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) on ISIS in Afghanistan on Thursday that killed 36 ISIS fighters and destroyed underground tunnels.


Trump has received widespread approval for the decision, but Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah believes we should use the money to pay off ISIS fighters instead of on the creation of these bombs.

Here’s his proposal from Twitter:

Here are just a few reasons why that suggestion is incredibly stupid.

1. Money won’t prevent a terrorist from being a terrorist. Democrats continue to argue that terrorism is correlated to poverty, which has been debunked. If giving jihadists money will stop them from wanting to kill innocent civilians, how do you explain Osama bin Laden? He was an incredibly wealthy global terror leader. Democrats also leave out the fact that all of the 9/11 hijackers came from wealthy middle-class families. Terrorism will always exist because you cannot kill an ideology.

2. Paying off terrorists will only finance more terrorism. Paying terrorists money to “stop being terrorists” will only fund their cause. To offer a few examples, Israel has been paying off terrorists for years by paying millions to the Palestinian Authority. As such, Palestinians then use that money fund Hamas and Islamic jihadists in their unity government.

Palestine pays terrorists to carry out murders — giving them incentive to want to be a terrorist. As reported by JPost, “When a Palestinian murders an Israeli or an American in Israel, they can wind up receiving a salary in excess of $40,000 a year, for their crime.”


Since president Obama gave billions of dollars to the Iranian government as part of the Nuclear Deal, they’ve used portions of it to fund terrorism.

3. Protecting American lives should always be a top priority. One MOAB costs about $16 million. Obeidallah’s argument that we should pay ISIS fighters thousands to stop being terrorists is insanely ignorant and offers no guarantees. How do you guarantee that they won’t return to being a jihadist after you’ve paid them? Also, how can we put a dollar value on an American life?

With Obeidallah’s logic, if we placed a dollar value on an American life, we would do nothing but make them wealthy targets for terrorists.  You cannot kill an ideology, which is what terrorism is. We have killed hundreds of thousands of terrorists, yet the problem still exists today for a reason. The Left always argues that throwing money at problems will somehow make them go away, but giving money to terrorists will only make them richer and more likely to carry out an attack.


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