Freedom Caucus Fires Back: White House Aide's Attack on Amash 'Inappropriate'

Last week, Dan Scavino, an aide to President Trump, tweeted that Freedom Caucus member Justin Amash should be “defeated in a primary” for his opposition to the Republican healthcare bill.


Scavino hurled all blame at the Caucus, sidestepping the fact that not only did the bill have a 17 percent approval, but it was nothing more than “Obamacare Lite.”

Scavino continued his attacks:

Amash didn’t go down without a fight, either.

He fired back at Scavino and called the Trump administration out for becoming exactly what they claimed to be against: the establishment.

Following the spat, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said that it was “highly inappropriate” for a top White House aide to “personally call for the electoral defeat” of Rep. Justin Amash.

Speaking at the “Politico Playbook” event on Thursday, Meadows defended Amash when asked about the issue, adding that Scavino likely violated the Hatch Act when he used his official government social media account to do work related to the “campaign.”

 “Amash is not going to say this, but it was highly inappropriate for that to happen, just pure and simple,” Meadows said. “It was highly inappropriate for that to happen, and I’ve shared that with the administration.

“It is one thing for the president to do, and legally he is allowed to,” Meadows added. “But it is very different for a staffer to use his official capacity to do that.”

Scavino is also the social media director for the White House and has made it clear how foolish he is to attack the Freedom Caucus because they would not support a crappy healthcare bill.

Last week, Dana Loesch gave the best piece of advice to Trump going forward:

“Millions of grassroots Americans, through the vehicle of this [the Tea Party] movement, saved the GOP’s ass in 2010 when our momentum gave the GOP their biggest victory in decades. The margin of victory we delivered was called ‘historic,’ by the press. Former President Obama was forced to describe it as a ‘shellacking.'”

She is 100 percent correct,

It would greatly behoove Trump to remember who propelled him to the White House as people like Scavino try and foolishly steer him in the wrong direction.


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