DNC Chair Says 'Republicans Don't Give a Sh** About People,' RNC Chair Slams Him in Her Response

Tom Perez, the third Democratic National Committee chairman in a year, gave a speech where he claimed that Republicans “don’t give a sh** about people,” arguing their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is not representative of American values.

During a speech to grow the Democratic party, Perez told the crowd at the “We Build the Resistance Rally” in Newark, New Jersey, that Republicans aren’t concerned with the lives of Americans if they continue with their plan to repeal Obamacare.

“It does not reflect our values as a nation,” Perez said of Republican efforts to replace Obama’s failing healthcare bill. The House Republican healthcare replacement plan, according to Perez, was a “massive tax break for the wealthy” and “an age tax.”

Perez went on to mock president Trump and argued that instead of calling it “Trumpcare,” they should call it, “I Don’t Care.”

It is very odd to me that Democrats often tout “love over hate,” yet they are the party of resistance and intolerance when they do not get their way.

Someone should inform Perez that the American people voted a Republican into the White House and voted to let Republicans keep control of both the House and the Senate for a reason.

Perez went on to champion the resistance movement against the Trump administration by citing the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. the day after the inauguration.

Perez was attempting to push the notion that “Trump did not win the 2016 presidential election.”

“January 20th was undeniably an important day in this country, but January 21st was far more important,” Perez said as he compared Trump’s inauguration to the Women’s March.

“‘Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values. That’s what they said. Donald Trump, you didn’t win this election,” Perez said as he tried to galvanize his base.

Newly elected RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel fired back at Perez Monday.

“I think it’s deeply concerning to see the head of the Democrat Party continue to try to delegitimize this election, not only President Trump who did win this election – by a lot – but also the voters,” McDaniel said on “Fox & Friends.”

McDaniel said Perez’s language was “deeply concerning” and argued that it was imperative for Democrats to denounce Perez’s rhetoric.

“I think the Democrats should be denouncing his behavior this weekend,” she said. “To say Republicans don’t give a blank about people – that should not be rhetoric the head of the Democratic Party should be using,” she said.

It’s nice to have Republicans firing back and calling out the divisive rhetoric from Democrats.

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