Teen Wears Particular Shirt to Show How Intolerant Feminists Are, Quickly Gets Proven Right

Kerby Martin, a high school junior in Cypress, Texas, decided to try a new experiment involving tolerance and feminists.

Martin did not have to worry about getting feminists to respond to her experiment as they were more vocal than she ever imagined.


Martin’s idea stemmed from a school paper she was working on that focused on gender inequality myths that are being pushed by the feminist movement, but specifically how the movement divides people rather than unifying them.

To prove this point, Martin tweeted a picture of herself in a t-shirt that said “#Meninist.”


In just a matter of minutes, Martin received hundreds of negative responses, some calling for her house to be egged while others called for her to be raped.

Martin was aware that she would receive a wide variety of responses, but she never expected for actual violence to be wished upon her for issuing an opinion different from feminists.

Martin told Red Alert Politics that she plans to continue on despite threats of violence levied against her.

“I’m trying to make a difference and bring facts and truth to my generation, and social media and our schools are no longer a true place for free speech and political incorrectness,” Martin said. “It’s just the beginning. I still have to write my essay, and I plan to continue this as far as I can to show how messed up the ‘tolerant left’ really is.”


Martin sent out a lengthy response on Twitter to the feminists that attacked her, arguing that feminists today are “turning a blind eye to the actual injustices suffered by women in countries that feminists will oddly not address.”




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