Draft Suggestion: Ken Cuccinelli for VA-SEN

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In 2012, the people of Virginia will have the opportunity to replace their sitting US Senator, Jim Webb. Webb is a Democrat who had served in the Reagan Administration as his Secretary of the Navy. He wasn’t in that role for less than a year. Because he refused to reduce the size of the Navy, so he resigned. In 1979, Webb had written an editorial about how women had no place in combat situations. This, unsurprisingly, offended some people. In 2012, the people of Virginia need someone to stare down Webb and recapture this US Senate seat. I think Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli could be that candidate.


Cuccinelli is a former State Senator, first elected in a special election in 2002. He was staunchly pro-life, supporting a number of pro-life related regulations. He pushed stricter immigration laws including allowing businesses to sue competitors using undocumented workers and pushed to change state law to establish that the inability to speak English in the workplace is cause for disqualification for unemployment benefits. He pushed for eminent domain reform and fought tax increases / former Governor Warner’s bloated budget. He’s an all around conservative that would make the grassroots very happy in Virginia.

Then…let’s add on his tenure as Attorney General. First, he joined in an amicus brief with a number of other states to help fight the federal government’s suit against Arizona. Second, he issued a legal opinion stating that police enforcement officials to investigate the immigration status of those they arrest. Third, he plans to file a suit against the federal government’s March 2010 new fuel efficiency standards. The fourth is the reason I like to call him my hero – his suit challenging Obamacare.


In the case of Commonwealth of Virginia, Ex Rel. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II v. Sebelius, Cuccinelli sued the federal government over the individual mandate part of Obamacare. You can read more details about the case here. The bottom line: Cuccinelli won and the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. While the courts did not block the implementation of the law while it works through the court system – this was a big step towards the dismantling of Obamacare. Cuccinelli helped lead the charge – and won the first skirmish of the overall battle against Obamacare. That has made him a grassroots conservative hero, that will provide him with some nationwide momentum going into 2012.

Webb voted for Obamacare – and Cuccinelli is the man who struck the first blow against the bill. Cuccinelli can challenge Webb on the constitutionality of the legislation and on the constitutionality of much of the federal legislation that comes through. He can challenge Webb on his misogynistic remarks from the past. He can challenge him with a perfectly conservative record on fiscal issues.


If you want to learn more, check out his official website here. I think he’d make a solid candidate – and hope we can convince him to run.

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