Seriously, MAGAPill?

You have to assume that when a president gets his daily briefings, he receives the best possible information from his staff, information that’s been verified and vetted and confirmed. Now, it’s fair to criticize CNN for their bias, but they also get things right as well. And does that mean that the commander-in-chief should be recommending an anti-Semitic, conspiracy-theory website? Good grief, no, but that’s what this president just did.


More from Mediaite:

The front page of the website is titled “President Donald Trump’s Accomplishment List.” This page touts articles — in a Drudge Report style format — that supposedly reflect the president’s successes on the economy, crime, and business.

However, things get significantly stranger and disturbing when examining MAGAPill’s Twitter account, as the site obsesses over conspiracy theories — including the idea that Luciferianism, in part, controls the world, along with George Soros and the Vatican.

In the same wild flow chart, the account shares the theory that “banking families” — a seeming reference to the Jewish community — control all of the world’s financial institutions for their gain. “Banking families, Certain bloodline families have dominated global financial institutions, including: BIS, FED, IMF, World Bank, Wall Street,” states the chart.

Ironically, Trump’s tweet praising the work of MAGAPill came just after a post in which he attacked CNN as “fake news.”


Luciferianism? The only rationale I can see for him praising them is that MAGAPill gave Trump a big wet smooch on his fat, white a$$. I suppose if folks do enough of that kind of rhetorical fluffery, they too can get a great Twitter plug from POTUS, facts and credibility be damned. I say again, good grief.


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