David Dewhurst's shocker endorsement!


…I personally did not think that David Dewhurst would endorse Ted Cruz. As God is my witness, I was mildly shocked to see that Dewhurst did. But, apparently, the former Lt. Governor of Texas has in fact endorsed Cruz for President.


What this means in the longer term? It means that (assuming that this report pans out, of course) yeah, the old guard of the Republican party is looking around and realizing that while Ted Cruz may be a potent threat to their phony-baloney jobs, Donald Trump is an existential threat to the Republican party itself – and quite possibly, the Republic. Under those circumstances better to have a doctor doing any inevitable amputations than, say, a gibbering lunatic with a rusty knife and a childlike sense of humor, hey?

But enough about Trump; this is a good get for Ted Cruz. Not so much in terms of resources, but in the sense that it helps clarify who is the last remaining serious option for President at this point – which is to say, Cruz.  And note how I put that. The current front-runner is a hot mess who would put Utah and half the South in play.  He is not a serious option.  The guy in third place has maybe one more state in him, and has no mathematical way to get the delegates he needs.  Ted Cruz is the only serious option remaining. Simple as that – and apparently, more and more of the GOP’s infrastructure is learning to accept it.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE: My apologies, I should have written this from the start: David Dewhurst made the right call on this endorsement. Well done.]


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