Bernie Sanders is losing the Democratic primary even as we speak.


It’s early yet, but Bernie Sanders is handily losing in every Democratic primary tonight except Illinois’s [and Missouri].  They’ve already called Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio for Hillary Clinton, and Missouri is almost certainly next [although, to be fair, it’s currently close] [he might win Missouri, at that].  Undoubtedly Sanders will not drop out tonight, because why would he? – but these are pretty solid results for Clinton.  Michigan is increasingly looking like it was a fluke.  Normally you would expect that this would mean that Hillary Clinton will leisurely spend the next several months negatively defining her likely Republican opponents; but the three-man brawl that the GOP is now engaged in is going to keep going for at least the next two months.

Not much else to say on these races, except that frankly at this stage of the game Clinton is (barely) objectively preferable to Sanders as the Democratic nominee, given that Sanders is as close as you can get to being a Communist and still win elections in America.  Normally I’d prefer Sanders for exactly that reason – Communists are easy to beat – but normally the GOP is not in a situation where the Republican frontrunner is hated by about 60% of the party and 70% of the country. It would take a Trump to make Sanders electable, and the idea of that fills me with a certain dread.

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