Marco Rubio set to win GOP's first 50%+ race.


Well, the Puerto Rico results are coming in.  The territory does not vote in the general Presidential election, but it does have twenty three delegates in play (more than New Hampshire’s, or Vermont’s).  As it stands right now it looks like Marco Rubio will be picking up all twenty three, as this primary has a 50% winner-take-all rule and Rubio’s pretty much blowing that out.  This is, by the way, fairly standard for Puerto Rico.  In the larger context… well, actually there is one: Florida.  Florida has a population of over one million Puerto Rican Hispanics, and they’re concentrated in areas where Rubio needs to do really, really well.  Which is why Marco Rubio made it a point to stump there last weekend; every little bit helps.


Don’t get me wrong; normally races like these are interesting, but not necessarily hyper-relevant. But we are not having a normal election season. We are having one where every primary and caucus matters, and at a sutained intensity that we’re not really accustomed to. So you might as well enjoy it, folks: because even if you don’t, it’s still happening.

Moe Lane

PS: I am right now kicking myself for not suggesting to Salem that the Hawaii primary election needed on-site coverage by RedState.  Because that race is next Tuesday, and they have nineteen delegates at stake. It makes sense to send somebody out there to cover the results… ah, well.


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