Q&A: My Town Hall Media/Change Politics question to Marco Rubio on Supreme Court Justices.


As you can see in the linked video, I asked specifically for a name when it came to what Supreme Court Justices the candidate would pick… which I feel made sense at the time, but unfortunately the subsequent and untimely death of Antonin Scalia made that question effectively impossible for any candidate to answer. It’s one thing when it’s a potential vacancy; it’s quite another when there’s an actual vacancy on the court and whoever the candidates named would be instantly on the hot seat because the Democrats would love there to be a fight over this now.  At any rate, here’s Marco Rubio’s video reply:


Marco Rubio:

Well, obviously we now have to fill a hole that’s left behind by the loss of Justice Scalia. but we anticipate that the next President may appoint two more Supreme Court Justices, so literally the balance of power on the court is at stake. Now, I think it’s – I would be very cautious about naming specific names; it would be presumptuous to do that – but I will say that what I’m looking for is someone like Scalia who understands that the Constitution is not a living and breathing document. The Constitution is meant to be interpreted and applied according to its original meaning. And it is the job of a Justice on the Supreme Court to view the Constitution and to apply it as originally meant by the people who wrote those words.


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