Three things to look for in today's South Carolina Democratic primary.

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The Democrats are having their primary in South Carolina today, and I suppose that if you’re bored you can follow the results here.  If that sounds harsh, well, yeah: probably it is*.  Here are the three things that are most of interest:

  • How long will it take after the polls close sat 7 PM before the networks call it for Hillary Clinton?  In fact, will one network forget and call it for Hillary Clinton ahead of time?
  • What conspiracy theory will Bernie Sanders supporters endorse instead of simply admitting that Sanders is the whitest white dude that ever ate a mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder bread in a blizzard while at a polar bear convention?
  • How low will the turnout be?  You can’t expect them to crack 500K like they did in 2008, so let’s spot Clinton and Sanders and pretend that their target number is really 235K.  That’s roughly what the total 2008 SC Democratic vote would have been minus Barack Obama, which seems like a fair benchmark to me.

As mentioned before, the polls close at 7.  Spoiler warning: Hillary Clinton wins. Whether she can match her previous high score is another question.

Moe Lane

*One of the single most infuriating things about the Trump candidacy is the way that it is (hopefully temporarily, just like him) getting [in] the way of my enjoyment of the so-far disastrous Democratic primaries.  I take this as a personal affront, in fact.  I’ve worked for this, darn it.  And now that it’s here, the fun has been almost completely sucked out of it.


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