Breaking: second and final felony charge against Rick Perry dismissed.

FILE - This July 9, 2014, file photo shows Texas Gov. Rick Perry as he waits to meet President Barack Obama to arrive at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in Dallas. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is heading to Iowa for a weekend of barbecues and lunch parties. After his presidential bid crashed in 2012, Iowans now have to decide whether to give him another spin. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

Now that it’s far too late to be meaningful in the 2016 race: former Governor Rick Perry has been exonerated of trumped-up charges actually alleging that there’s something illegal about telling a district attorney’s office’s resident drunk to resign, then backing it all up with a veto threat.  Surprise! It’s not.

More here.  It’s frustrating that the Left managed to keep this going for this long, because whatever you think of Rick Perry as a campaigner Rick Perry as a governor was one of the good ones, and deserved better than a political hit job. Still, it’s good that they finally quashed this nonsense.  It would have set an ugly precedent if it had been allowed to stand.

Moe Lane

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