ISIS WMD attack in Iraq against Kurds. You know: the place without WMDs.

saddamShort version: in 2015 ISIS used the WMDs that blithering idiots told us weren’t there against Kurdish forces. Which ISIS got because an entire OTHER set of blithering idiots messed up the post-Bush reconstruction of Iraq to the point where Iraq AND Syria are now on fire.  And that’s only barely a metaphor, really.


All of this, note, should not be news. It’s been known for quite some time that Hussein’s supposedly-imaginary stocks of chemical weapons (which, blithering idiots on the antiwar Left aside, are one of the standard categories of ‘weapons of mass destruction’) have been recovered and used against American troops for years.  Well… OK, fair, it’s been known for quite some time by people who are paying attention.  If you’re a blithering idiot who only gets his information from the news media, Infowars, and/or Code Pink?  Well, that’s a wizzo definition of ‘blithering idiot’ right there, it seems to me.

As you might guess, I am just a little bit annoyed about the fact that we’re having this conversation largely because Donald Trump can’t be bothered to do any reading above a fifth grade level.  So, let’s review, for the slow person who didn’t do his homework:

  • Yes, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
  • Yes, chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction.
  • Yes, Saddam Hussein had a history of using WMDs against military and civilian targets.
  • No, nobody sane trusted Saddam Hussein. NOBODY SANE.
  • Yes, Saddam Hussein funded terrorism.
  • Yes, Saddam Hussein flouted international restrictions with apparent impunity.
  • So, no, George W. Bush did NOT lie about Saddam Hussein having WMDs.
  • Yes, we’ve been trying to get rid of these supposedly imaginary WMDs for years. And years. And years.
  • So, no, George W. Bush was NOT wrong about Saddam Husssein having WMDs.

One last note: it has been speculated for some time that the Hussein regime moved various elements of its chemical and biological weapons programs over to Syria, which after all had and is ruled by a dictator of the same ideological and tyrannical stripe as Saddam Hussein.  The question is perhaps academic, given the way that Barack Obama managed to blow up Syria to the point where we now have two virtually failed states in the region; and I do not actually know if the Hussein regime did this. But I do know two things: one, the Assad regime in Syria is a known user of WMDs.  Two, many of the same people who dismiss the WMDs-shipment-to-Syria allegations are the same blithering idiots who keep telling people, falsely, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and George W. Bush lied to us about it*.

Calibrate your voting habits to take this into account as you see fit.

Moe Lane

*This isn’t blaming-the-messenger. This is the-‘messenger’-is-actually-an-outright-propagandist-who-can’t-be-trusted-to-say-that-the-sky-is-blue.


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