Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders assigned New Hampshire delegates in true People's Democratic fashion.

communist_usa-flagWhich is to say: from each according his ability, to each according to her need.  Bernie Sanders had the ability to get the votes necessary to acquire delegates; and Hillary Clinton clearly has a more pressing need for them. Thus, naturally it behooves all good Glorious People’s Democratic parties to fairly allocate their delegates in a fashion that demonstrates true egalitarianism. Sorry, let me translate from the original Marxist: Hillary Clinton gets to harvest as many delegates from New Hampshire as Bernie Sanders does.


Why? …Well, that sounds like deviationist and defeatist questioning, Comrade.  What are your qualifications for second-guessing the collective wisdom and industry of the Party’s state-level organizations?  Perhaps you should engage in some salutary self-criticism before you continue this dangerous and reactionary course of yours*…


Sorry, doing it again. Basically, what happened here is our old friend the super-delegates.  Bernie Sanders won the popular vote, sure – but Hillary Clinton locked down the super-delegates ahead of time, so the current score is now Clinton 15, Sanders 15.  If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Barack Obama used the same trick a lot in the 2008 elections.  Because it doesn’t matter in the Democratic party how many votes you get, if you can get the super-delegates on your side.  And if you don’t think that the Democratic establishment isn’t worried about running with a socialist, you don’t know the Democratic establishment as well as you thought that you did.

Via @Reaganista.

Moe Lane

PS: Nobody who supported Barack Obama in 2008 gets to complain that Hillary Clinton is using this trick, by the way.  Well, I suppose that they still can – but if they do, then the rest of us can deride those people as being hypocritical suckers who don’t understand the basic rules of the game. Which, to be fair, is precisely what those people are.


PPS: By the way: One of Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire super-delegates is Ann McLane Kuster.  If you’re a progressive who recognizes the name, be assured: I know exactly how much that particular betrayal hurt you. And it was kind of neat to watch, too.

*The weird thing about writing in this style is that it’s remarkably hard to stop. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’m running a slight fever right now; sure, I’m down a few IQ points – but that just makes it easier.  Marxism is, after all, intellectualism for stupid people.


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