"Clinton compares e-mail questions to Benghazi." Funny thing about that...

clinton cough

This is a fascinating quote from Hillary Clinton, on the persistent questions about why the woman willfully broke* various federal laws involving classified information: “This is very much like Benghazi… you know, the Republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me. I understand that. That’s the way they are.”  I mean, I kind of agree with her.

  • “This is very much like Benghazi:” This is where we agree the least.  After all, we don’t know that Hillary Clinton’s willful contempt of security procedures resulted in anybody actually dying.  Or, rather: we don’t know that yet.
  • “You know, the Republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me.” Well, yes, we’re going to keep hammering away at your brazen, elitist, contemptuous incompetence.  And thanks for letting us know that the blows are striking home!
  • “I understand that.” …How disappointing. I do so prefer it when politicians on the Other Side never learn any better.  Well. Mustn’t be greedy.
  • “That’s the way they are.” :brightly: Thanks!  We strive greatly to be the sort of people who will never, ever get jaded and dismissive of blatant corruption, cronyism, and deadly incompetence.  But it’s hard, you know?  The world seems extra determined to beat you down if you display too much righteous indignation. Having these little affirmations that people have noticed what we do really does help keep us going.

…alas, after that Hillary Clinton retreated into her usual mode of releasing clouds of buzzwords in a fashion that was almost, but not quite, in tune with her surroundings.  …Man, that’s a mixed metaphor for you. But you know what I mean: as a candidate former Senator/Secretary Clinton falls smack dab in the middle of the political equivalent of the Uncanny Valley. If she was more of a caricature she’d probably be higher in the polls, honestly. I mean, shoot: look at Bernie Sanders…


Moe Lane

*I’m not an elected official (or running for office), I’m not a member of the judiciary, and they’d never let me on that jury in a million years.  Hillary Clinton is as guilty as sin, and should go to jail.  Have a nice day.


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