Pro-gun message smuggled out under the New York Daily News' very nose?

nydn hostage

So you have probably heard of the remarkably insane headline coming out of the New York Daily News this morning. For those who haven’t caught it on the Internet, said ‘headline’ went “Republican leadership is composed of pandering liars stoking irrational fear. Their answer to Obama’s measured plan to stop crazies from getting guns is simple deceit. All in a blood-soaked chase for cheap votes.” …Yes, as God is my witness: that was what they ran with as the front-page headline.


As you might imagine, people have looked upon this as yet another sign that the New York Daily News requires an intervention…

…and I would agree, but for slightly different reasons. Look at that headline again, only just see the words in red.  Extremely slightly edited, it comes out as

nydn hostage


“Republican[s!] Liars irrational Obama’s plan guns deceit[,] blood-soaked[.]” You will simply have to forgive the switch between singular and plural at the beginning, of course.  Whoever did this had to work under extremely adverse conditions, and it’s a testament to somebody’s skill that he or she was able to encode a coherent message, given that the headline itself is remarkably incoherent. I salute this brave person, and if he or she can somehow read this…  courage!  We will find you, and bring you home.


How facetious am I being? Quite a bit, obviously, although if I did work for a newspaper and was prepared to troll it massively on my way out the door this is pretty much how I’d do it. The larger point here is that whoever it is that’s defining the New York Daily News’ stance on gun control should probably immediately consult his or her neurologist: stuff like this comes across like a brain-damaged rant, possibly because it very well could be a brain-damaged rant. Or at the very least, maybe the NYDN could go get a psychological tune-up? Neuroses and psychotic breaks can sneak up on a person, after all.


Still being facetious (a little facetious, at least), sorry.  Anyway, here’s a reality check; the vast majority of Americans don’t consider gun control to be a burning issue, and they’re not going to change their minds on that any time soon. Which means that these epic-level freak-outs are not going to help the Left at all.  So they should keep having them! – Because said freak-outs help the Right immensely, particularly in election years.

And I’m not being facetious there at all.

Moe Lane


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