You will be AMAZED at how cynical Hillary Clinton was in this tweet.

I am not overselling this. I cannot quite believe myself that she tweeted this. It may go away soon:


That’s why I took a screenshot.


“Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” Unless they’re accusing Bill Clinton, apparently. Regardless of your opinion on the legitimacy of said accusations (I experienced this particular controversy while I was on the Other Side, so I don’t have the same reflexes here and that’s simply how it is), the brutal truth of the matter is that Hillary Clinton has historically taken full advantage of the specific double standard that has been assigned to her husband. And she’s hoping to take advantage of it here, too.

I mean, I suppose that I can understand why she’s doing this – Hillary Clinton is clearly trying to poke the VRWC with a stick, just to try to start a profitable fight – but it’s maybe a bad time to try that in her own faction. Specifically, the youngsters: to them Bill Clinton is this old, skinny dude that their aunts go on and on about.  They may not be as inclined to give Hillary Clinton a pass on her past history, particularly since nobody on the Right is likely to be shy to point out Hey, why is it that you insist that every other man has to prove that he’s not a rapist, but Bill Clinton gets a pass from you?


There’s an answer there, but it’s a heavily cynical one that mocks modern feminism utterly.

Moe Lane


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