RedState Interview: Jim Geraghty, co-author of Heavy Lifting.

I took the opportunity last week to interview Jim Geraghty about the book that he and Cam Edwards wrote together. It’s called Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Raise a Family, and Other Manly Advice, and as you might guess, it’s about why it’s a good idea for men to become responsible adults. And not just from a pragmatic sense: one of Jim and Cam’s base arguments is that men are simply going to be happier once they’ve grown up.  And yes, I know: it’s a judgement on our society that this needs to even be said. Sorry, folks, I just work here.

The full interview is below:


Having read the book, I can say that Heavy Lifting is an enjoyable, straightforward read; if you have a reasonably smart college-aged guy in your life, Heavy Lifting would make for a nicely subversive Christmas gift.  Never hurts to get a little counter-programming in, yes-no?

Moe Lane

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