Hillary Clinton now being more or less worshiped by liberal New England choral group.

(Via @YR_AlyssaDC) Nah, this isn’t creepy at all.

“A women’s chorus called Voices from the Heart replaced the name “Jesus” with “Hillary” at a campaign rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Saturday.”

…but here’s the funny part: it’s kind of creepy for completely different reasons than you might think! Yes, replacing ‘Jesus’ with ‘Hillary Clinton’ is in itself more than faintly alarming. But it gets better! …For given values of better.

You will no doubt hear – from liberals with the same access to Wikipedia as I do – that such a rewrite is a hallowed Civil Rights tradition. Indeed, there’s a version of this song that replaces ‘Jesus’ with ‘freedom.’ Which is, again, not a little blasphemous. But then, we live in a Fallen world, and there’s nothing you can do about such things except maybe roll your eyes a little.

But check out Voices from the Heart:

Our powerful and eclectic songs range from African-American spirituals to Korean songs for unity, South African anti-apartheid songs to Macedonian love songs. The songs are powerful testaments to the triumph of the human spirit. Sung with the strength of 200 voices, the songs delight and inspire audiences.

Translation: there’s a lot of liberal white people* on that stage vicariously living out the Struggle. And that’s fine: really, it is. But the cultural appropriation on display here is almost majestic in its utter lack of self-awareness. A chorus of white women turning the Civil Rights variant of a old gospel song into… a paean of partisan praise and worship to a white person. Imagine how everybody in that chorus would freak if somebody did this for a Republican. Imagine**.

Can I tell you a secret? There are times when I have the smallest glimmering of a flicker of a whisper of sympathy for radical Black activists. Or possibly it’s just what they call a “terrible pity.” I mean, if white people like this were the only white people I interacted with on a regular basis then I might default to being exasperated with white people, too.

Just saying.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: What’s that? I’m being mean? Watch this again:

Nobody made this group enter the 2016 political cycle. They’re here to play in the game, so let’s play the darn game. They’re adults; they can take it.

*A statement backed up by the site’s own photo gallery, might I add.

**Yes, yes, it’s easy if you try.

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