Bernie Sanders pulls in 10K for his "I'm not Hillary Clinton!" rally.

As you may have guessed, I am not overly concerned about the fact that Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist, VT) got ten thousand people in Madison, Wisconsin this evening: “Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders drew 10,000 supporters, the largest crowd of his campaign thus far, according to reports.” …they got nowhere else to go, after all. Now, if I was on Hillary Clinton’s staff, I would be concerned. Perhaps even overly.  Definitely overly. Because that particular Democratic crowd is being fueled by a blend of several different things, none of which Hillary Clinton can provide. She may end up spending a good deal more money than she expected to crush this upstart of hers.


Mind you, she can crush Bernie Sanders: the man does not have good instincts. You see, Sen. Sanders took the time in his speech to criticize Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin for his stance on public sector union reform*.  I don’t know how to explain this to the Senator, but… that may be a really cool primary issue to run on, but it will buy [mc_name name=’Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000033′ ] no yams in Wisconsin in the general. Big Labor has tried to move the needle on that issue for half a decade, and the needle ain’t moving.

I wonder what other mistakes Bernie Sanders will make?  Hmm. We might just find out!

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I wonder what that crowd number would have been if the Democrats were emulating the Republicans this year and had at least a half-dozen top-shelf candidates running.  I wonder why the Democrats thought that it was a good idea for them to politically sacrifice their best potential 2016 candidates in 2010 and 2014. I wonder if the DNC is considering funding a blue-sky time travel project… OK, now I’m wondering weird stuff.


*As well as for Walker’s stance on a not-yet-finalized 20 week abortion ban bill, but it’s… a not-yet-finalized bill.


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