Bernie Sanders supporter finds new and exciting way to waste $2.5K.

This is entertaining at first glance; but it’s really kind of sad.

When Paul Joffe saw that BernieSanders[.]com was available for purchase in early 2014, he just about lost it.

“I figured that if I could buy it, anyone could buy it and that is bad,” said the diehard Sanders supporter. “I was worried that somebody would buy it and redirect it to BernieSucks[.]com or something like that.”

So Joffe — a 53-year-old property redeveloper who now lives in New Marlborough, Massachusetts but spent part of his childhood in Vermont — asked his wife for permission and spent $2,500 to buy the domain name himself.

The entertaining part was in assuming that political operatives would bother snapping up the domain name.  The really kind of sad bit was that this guy traded the domain to the Sanders campaign in exchange for a meeting with the Senator.  Dude: I’ve been in close proximity to This Town for a decade in a half. He could have gotten the meeting with the Senator AND his money back.  That way, he’d have at least gotten ahead of the game.

It is very remarkable that this news about Bernie Sanders is news; that is, it’s about the only novel thing going on the Democratic side of the 2016 Presidential race these days.  Get used to it: because as long as Hillary Clinton continues to hide from the very American people that she expects to vote for her next year we’re going to have to make do with quirky human interest stories from artificial-sweetener candidates like Sanders.  I would have expected that this would bother Democrats, but it seems to be washing off of them like water from a duck’s back. I can only assume that they’re numb.