Alan Grayson (D, FL) apparently wants to assign his House seat to his girlfriend.

Speaking as a Republican propagandist and general troublemaker, I love Florida: I truly do.  It never disappoints me.  Case in point: not only is Alan Grayson running for Senate – because, hey, why would the Democrats want to have both Senate seats in Florida, right? – but he wants his girlfriend to take over his House seat (H/T: @TheRickWilson). “As Florida [mc_name name=’Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’G000556′ ] mulls a Senate campaign to the consternation of national Democrats, his girlfriend is quietly preparing her own bid to succeed Grayson in the House, POLITICO has learned.” Her name is Dena Minning, and while under normal circumstances I would readily concede that somebody with a doctorate in biochemistry isn’t a bad get for a House seat in this particular case that’s more than offset by the fact that Dr. Minning apparently thinks that it’s a good idea to date Alan Grayson*.

Oh, yes, in case you were wondering: the spectacular train wreck that was Alan Grayson’s divorce – it’s always fascinating when bigamy makes an appearance, particularly when there are kids involved – has ended in an annulment. In any other state**, that would probably be the end of the matter in political terms.  But since it’s Florida, I fully expect that the Grayson divocrce proceedings will not only be leaked; they’ll be collated, helpfully labeled, cross-indexed, and possibly even hyper-linked for our convenience.  And that’ll all be from the Democratic side, no less. To mangle Terry Pratchett: Alan Grayson doesn’t make friends easily.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*No, actually ‘She wouldn’t make a good Representative because she’s dating Alan Grayson’ is not an ad hominem.  Dating Alan Grayson is a sufficiently grievous error in judgment and, frankly, taste that it’s a relevant data point in any examination of a potential Representative’s ability to make good decisions. We can all agree that good decision-making is a vital skill for a Congresswoman, yes?  …Well, then.

*Well, except for South Carolina, of course.  There are no rules in South Carolina.  There are only the displays of past trophies.