Well, @gofundme just formally joined the Left side of the culture wars.

Plan your fundraising activities accordingly, because while GoFundMe might want you to give them some of your filthy conservative money, they certainly don’t want you doing anything that [would] hurt the Left. By the way: I’m not surprised that this happened. I’m actually a little surprised that the corporation lasted this long:

GoFundMe’s old policy on crowdfunding may not have been enough to justify its decision last weekend to kill campaigns on behalf of a Christian-owned florist and bakery — but its new policy is.

The website quietly expanded its list of banned crowdfunding activities this week shortly after The Washington Times questioned GoFundMe’s reliance on its policy against campaigns in defense of “formal charges of heinous crimes” to pull fundraisers for Arlene’s Flowers and for Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

Speaking as one of those horrible, squishy pro-SSM RiNO Republicans, let me remind you: you will be made to care.  And note that the reason GoFundMe did this is because they’re more afraid of the perpetually-aggrieved and angry activists on the Hard Left (who don’t give money to charity, mostly) than they are of offending people on the Right who actually do give to charity. So I would suggest that you take your giving elsewhere: if your filthy conservatism isn’t good enough to keep GoFundMe at least neutral, then surely your filthy conservative money shouldn’t be good enough for them, either.

(Via @allahpundit)

Moe Lane (crosspost)