Governor Larry Hogan (R) is done with the tomfoolery.

Which is why the tomfoolery on the streets of Baltimore has now been sharply curtailed. An example:


I don’t think that people will react to this video the way that the guy who shot the video would want them to react. Because there was a reason that the gentleman (named Joseph Kent, reportedly) was ‘snatched.’ Which is, Mr. Kent was violating the curfew.  So they plucked Mr. Kent off the streets; and now he’s apparently in the process of making bail. Problem solved!

And that is what is going to happen if you try to exhibit too-blatant tomfoolery on the streets of Baltimore for the foreseeable future. So don’t do that.  The rules are different now.  And, frankly: the Democratic mayor should have called in the Republican governor two days earlier. After all, fixing the Left’s mistakes for it is, as they say, how the Right do.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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