Brooklyn #readyforhillary with snarky guerrilla street art mocking her.

Hey! This guerrilla street art thing is fun. Why weren’t we doing it before?


We so totally should have been doing it before. Oh, well, lesson learned. Also, a reminder to those of you out there with discretionary incomes: art costs money.  If you like the novel idea of having guerrilla street art that you agree with, find the people creating it and give them some money.  Then they’ll make more guerrilla street art, only with better production values and a steadier hand because they’re eating more regularly.

It’s a very virtuous cycle.  Particularly if the word gets out that the Right pays better for guerrilla street art than the Left does.  Which shouldn’t be hard: the Left gets away with paying its side peanuts because, really, why should they pay more? Up to now there wasn’t really any competition in the guerrilla street art thing.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Hillary Clinton is secretive, ambitious, and entitled. These are things that are true. I’m sorry if that inconveniences people.



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