RedState Review/Interview: Werewolf Cop, by Andrew Klavan.

Short version: I liked Werewolf Cop quite a bit.  It is, as the name, suggests, a novel about a cop who is abruptly given the curse of being a werewolf; and this is very much an old-school, unfriendly, bloodthirsty kind of Lon Chaney Jr. werewolf.  How the hero struggles with that, and his need to stay good while being tempted by no-fooling evil, gives the book a moral complexity that enlivens the narrative. The book expects you to take a side, in other words. It also expects you to take the correct side.  Couple that with the police procedural that’s also present in the book and you have a pretty nice read for the upcoming beach season.

I talked to Andrew Klavan – who, by the way, is One Of Us – about the book: the interview is below.

I’d like to note the bits about nihilism, by the way: I don’t want to give away spoilers, but Werewolf Cop does rather strongly critique relativism as an ethical policy. As to who can read it: well, it’s a cop novel about werewolves, so don’t let your twelve year old read it unless he or she already watches splatter horror movies. Sexual content is mild, and not even remotely gratuitous. The moral turpitude is reserved for the bad guys, although the hero is not perfect. All in all, if you like cop novels or the old black and white Wolfman movies you should be good to go on this one.

Moe Lane