US Supreme Court upholds Wisconsin voter ID reform.

Basically, the court declined to hear a further challenge to Wisconsin’s Voter ID law, thus allowing it to be finally implemented.  More here: and, let us be perfectly honest about something.  People who strenuously oppose Voter ID laws are, frankly, fringe.  A clear majority of the population – except hardcore liberals and progressives – thinks that it’s perfectly sensible to present a photo ID as proof of identity in order to vote. Whites, minorities, Republicans, Democrats, independents: time after time we keep seeing widespread support for this policy.


This is not to say that people who oppose Voter ID should shut up.  What it does say is that people who oppose Voter ID should stop pretending that they speak for the American people.  The American people can, in fact, speak for themselves: and they’ve clearly decided to mandate that voters show a photo ID*.  Deal with it.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Again, contra USA Today: this is not a ‘festering’ issue.  It’s yet another issue where Progressives are bellowing out a vocal, fringe minority opinion on the subject, and while I don’t actually want them to shut up neither do I want them to think that they’re anything except a vocal, fringe minority.  People really, really should throw the ‘fringe’ moniker in the Activist Left’s face on this one, by the way: it’s both true, and useful to do.


*And they’ve also decided that individual states had darn well better issue a photo ID, free of charge, to any citizen who needs it in order to vote.  I find this to be a eminently sensible precaution and policy that nicely handles the less illegitimate objections to Voter ID.


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