Joe Biden said something incredibly stupid in Iowa today.

…What? No, this isn’t about the ‘butt buddy’ thing. I actually understood from the beginning what Vice President Joe Biden was trying to say there: he was trying to use a bowderlized version of ‘[***]hole buddy,’ which was originally a common enough (and not actually sexual) slang term during my father’s and Joe Biden’s respective generations. I mean, sure: only Joe Biden could manage to allege a homosexual relationship between himself and a member of the audience while trying to not raise any eyebrows with his phraseology. But that is, as they say, how the Joe Biden do.


No, the stupid thing Joe Biden said today was his blithe decision to inextricably link the eventual Democratic candidate to President Barack Obama.

The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee should embrace the notion of a third term of the Obama presidency, Vice President Biden said Thursday, during a speech at Drake University in Iowa.

“I call it sticking with what works,” Biden declared.

That is, indeed, what Vice President Biden would call it. The rest of us would call it either ‘unhelpful’ (if you’re a Democrat) or ‘exceptionally helpful’ (if you’re a Republican).  There is a reason why the White House tends to flip on a regular basis every eight years or so: typically, by the eighth year of a Presidency both parties are eager to run against the sitting President.  It’s just that the opposition party tends to be better at that particular task. Put it another way: the eventual Democratic candidate would be exceptionally pleased if everybody would kind of forget that Barack Obama exists… while the eventual Republican candidate really, really will want everybody to remember that the Democratic candidate will be carrying out Obama’s third term.


The perceptive reader may be puzzled, at this point.  If this is true – and it is – then why would the Democratic Vice President be making the same argument as will the eventual Republican candidate, particularly since the argument is apparently a potent one for flipping the White House? …Well, as I said: this is how the Joe Biden do.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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